Monday, December 9, 2013

Control: "If I can stop you from thinking..."

Yesterday, I was at the restaurant talking to “old money” before we went to watch Kobe’s return at the Staples. (Yes, I’m bragging a little bit about the game lol, but bad result though). I say “old money” because he has been in the game for years as a businessman and entrepreneur and has been a newfound mentor to me. At the table, alongside another friend of mine, we were talking government, big business and unions and I learned a long time ago that when you start talking politics and money, the best thing that you can do is listen. So, that is what I did.

I learned some very valuable information, heard some interesting stories and gained some intriguing insight. But the nugget that I took from the whole dinner was when I heard “if I can stop you from thinking, then I control you.”

That was all that I needed to hear. That is why Mindset: Awareness and Action was so important for me to write.

Control is to render someone powerless, and the powerful tool that we possess is not weapons or money, or fame. It is our power to think. To control our ability to think is like having a vice grip on our lives.

I notice that the innovations and inventions of many corporations are to simplify things to make our lives easier, but when we take a step back and analyze what is really going on can we conclude that these are, solely, altruistic acts to better our lives? There becomes a fine line because in actuality, making something more simplistic and easier is a control mechanism that in actuality controls our lives.

When we are not tested, we become dependent. If we don’t learn how to cook, we become dependent on fast food establishments and restaurants. When we do not learn how to change a tire, we become dependent on the auto mechanic. If we don’t learn how to navigate, we become dependent on GPS. So in the end what is the price we pay for convenience? It’s control. If they stop us from thinking, they control us. It is as if we are allowing ourselves to wear a training collar to tell us how to react, where to go and what to do.

I was informed about a man by the name of Edward Bernays, dubbed the “father of public relations”, by another mentor of mine, and began to understand the true power of manipulation. Touch a specific part of a person’s “need” and they can easily become your subject. That is what we have become as a society; a subject to the manipulation and persuasion of those that hold the key.

Think about this, “if I can stop you from thinking, then I control you.” When you think, when you have an opinion or when have something to say it causes conflict. It causes change. Our communities don’t change because the people within are not thinking. We are being controlled and in essence we are losing our freedom.


God Bless

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Money and Fame

I have heard people say many times that it is not about the money or fame, but instead that it is about love, compassion, peace, changing lives, etc. But is that really the case? We live in a superficial society where social acceptance seems to take the place of many things that we claim to be more important. Same also applies to money. If fame and money are not that important, then why do you make it that important? Many decisions that we make (or don’t make) are based on money. We spend our lives looking for acceptance and to be noticed. Is that not wanting fame itself, just on a smaller scale?


Money is not important…


…but we are always trying to get more

…but we let it deter us from fulfilling our lives

…but we allow it to break up our marriages

…but we allow it to damage our friendships

…but it is necessary to survive

…but we are taught to find someone who can provide

…but we don’t want to spend it on other people

…but we clamp on to it and hold it tightly


I’m going to tell you why money is important, and it is all laid out in this little excerpt I read “In the end, the time we spend on this planet equals life. Most people would agree that a human life is sacred and carries higher value than almost anything else on earth. Since we trade our time – our very lives – for money or capital, I conclude that capital equals life. If that is the case, then capital, like life, is sacred and should be treated as such.”


It is important because we trade all of our time for the almighty dollar.


Fame is not important…


…but we share our every moment on Facebook

…but we do the same on twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube

…but we look for acceptance from others

…doctor ourselves up to get noticed


The list can go on and on.


I think it is safe to say that money and fame are important in our daily lives due to the amount of emphasis that we place on both of them. I like money (enjoy making it, spending it, etc.) and a little notoriety, but the important thing is to not let it control our lives.


I believe that we should accept the role that these things have in our lives while having the understanding not to let it be the driving force in our lives. Some people like the spotlight and some people love the “dough”, however, it is how you handle them that is really important.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why are we ashamed of our greatness?

Last Friday, I had the privilege of speaking at an awards ceremony for a local charter school in the greater Atlanta area. After I had spoken, during which the students were receiving their awards, I noticed something that bothered me. The students didn’t want to come up on stage to get their awards, and when they did come up they either turned around and walked back down the stairs or they walked sluggishly across stage, embarrassed as if they had done something wrong. The other students teased and laughed at the other students who were recognized for their good deeds.

But were these students doing something wrong? By the standards of their environment, yes. It wasn’t cool. Acceptance came with being the brashest and the “hardest” student. My thought was, “what was even the point in them going to school.” I felt as if I was in a real-life Lean on Me movie.

A few facts: the school is an all boys school, in the heart of the Bankhead community. The school is 98% African-American and many of the students come from low-income families.

After this disturbing sight, I asked the principal if I could say but just a few more words, and I began to talk about showing pride when someone is recognizing their greatness instead of running from it. I talked about taking ownership of their stage and walking with head up. I spoke on competing with each other to be better, and not competing against each other to bring down. From the looks of the audience, I truly felt as if the message resonated until a few minutes later when I sat back down, I saw one of the recipients get up, take off his medal, and square up to fight another student.

I thought to myself that it is funny that we live in a society where we are ashamed of our greatness but are not ashamed to display our ignorance.

So, then I ask, “Why are we afraid of our greatness?” Is it because we are surrounded by a lot of destroyers in our lives and not builders? Is it because there is too much pressure on being great? Are we not just doing a good enough job as parents, teachers, and citizens of our communities to stop this way of thinking?

Regardless of the reason, it is a sad sight to see. I worry about our children, especially my African-American children, who are blinded from their greatness.
For all people who are hiding in the shadows of despair, inferiority and ignorance, let us appear out of the darkness and show our greatness. We all have it in us.

God Bless

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why are you not the go-to person?

It is funny how conversations with people can have you asking yourself questions on an even deeper level when the conversation is over. Well this happens to me quite often where as I am either questioning myself or pondering the reasons for other people's actions.

We all know and can agree that it is human nature to either start a conversation or eventually turn a conversation into one about someone else. Right? - the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the coworker, the superstar etc. So, it was not too far from this statement that I was involved in a conversation in which another person was the topic of discussion. This talk was no different from many other talks that I had on occasions where as people feel like they are always playing the role of counselor, bank, advisor, minister, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on or whatever else you can think of mentioning.

But if you are not this person, have you ever asked yourself why? Have you ever asked yourself why you are not the person that people call to pick up from the airport? Have you ever asked why people don't share their most intimate secrets with you? Have you asked why you do not play some of the most important roles in people lives? You may consider it a blessing that you weren't asked to pick someone up from the airport or that you weren't called when someone was going through something. It may just be saying more about you than you think. You may not be as dependable as you believe you are in the eyes of others. You may show more that you dont care than you do. If you ask yourself these questions, maybe then you will understand why you are considered destructive to someone's team and not constructive.

Why am I not moving up at my job? Why don't they give me the important projects? These questions may be the just the answers that you need to reflect on your own life.

Instead of raising deflective questions, you should start asking reflective questions. Am I dependable? Am I punctual? Do I care? Do I work hard?

This post may not matter to some, but it should matter to all. We can't be everyone's everything for every moment. You shouldn't allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but take this moment to ask yourself, "what does it say about me" when people don't come to you.

Give me your thoughts.

God Bless

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harnessing that Energy

How many of you are people watchers? I can admit (as many can) that I enjoy sitting back and watching, listening, and paying attention to people. Sometimes, you catch people in their innocent, natural states; and other times, you may observe someone putting on an act. But if you pay careful attention, you will understand that there is a lot to be learned about people; or maybe even yourself and life. You can understand why people are where they are in life or why you may not be succeeding in your own life.

If you pay attention to the people around you, will notice that there is a lot of time and energy being wasted. As matter of fact, on average we waste more of our time being unproductive than productive. We spend more time worrying about what other people are doing, than doing the things that we need to do.

Imagine where we would be if we used the time to rant and release our frustrations on FB as an opportunity to channel that energy into something productive, creative, or beneficial. Where would we be if we harnessed the energy that is wasted worrying about why other people are successful, and in turn spend it on taking steps to experience our on successes. Where would be in life if, instead of marveling at other people's talents, we used that time and energy to perfect our own crafts and hone in our own skills.

When we waste our energy on things that do not deserve our energy, we drain ourselves and are stuck with a dead battery.

I know how I feel when I waste energy on things that are not worthy of it. And when energy is wasted it is gone along with the time and opportunity that accompany it.

Harness that energy and use it for something good. You will definitely see the difference in your life.

God Bless

Monday, August 12, 2013

Height is Revealing

As I was sitting around, thinking about my fear of heights and all of the things that I try to do to overcome it, I asked myself, "Why do people fear heights?" The obvious answers of "falling" and "death"came to mind. Then I began to think to myself that it all makes sense because whether it is physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, or spiritually, people do not like to or  want to fall. The thought of it is frigthening.

Afterwards, I thought about my first time on an airplane, my first skydive attempt and my hike in the Andes mountains of Peru, and I remember how nervous I was being so high up. But there was another thing I noticed. I saw that at such high altitudes, I was able to see everything. I was able to view things farther than I ever imagined. Everything was so beautiful. My thoughts took me back to the man who successfully skydived from the stratosphere, and I marveled at the view that he had of Earth. It was absolutely amazing!!! (Sometimes our fear of heights causes us to miss out on things).

Then, I took my thought one step further. Maybe, just maybe, people are afraid of heights because it is revealing. The very fact that it reveals the vastness of his or her surroundings is intimidating. It can make one feel insignificant. But it also can make one feel vulnerable and that is where it hit me.

Maybe a person is afraid of reaching certain heights in his or her life because it reveals things about their respective lives. Height exposes you to things about yourself because it separates you from the confusion and allows you to see your life from a different vantage point. It gives you a "birds eye" view  of your life and confronts you with the complexities of your life if you are not where you need to be. It shows where you are at and where you need to be.

Being at a high point in life can be intimidating, because it feels more comfortable on the ground opposed to the instability on top. You don't have to see farther than you need to or, better yet, want to. Many succesful people falter because though they aspire to be on top, it is  naturally more comfortable to settle at the bottom. So, they act recklessly to bring themselves back to their state of comfort.

But there is beauty that is revealed when you reach the high limits of life. All it takes is for you to:
  • push yourself to ascend to the top
  • confront your fears, setbacks and disappointments
  • take action to change your life
Aim to get a better view so that you can see "all" the possibilities that are to be revealed. Set your goals high to allow your VISION to see farther. Dont view height as "exposing to weaknesses" but as "exposure to greatness."

God Bless

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Mindset Starts with You

Next time you take a shower, look in the mirror and determine what you see. You may ask, "What is the meaning of looking into a steam-fogged mirror?" Frankly, there is much more to that clouded mirror than you think. That mirror represents the way we see ourselves.

"But wait a minute! I can't  see myself at all in the foggy mirror."

Voila! The foggy mirror represents us placing the veil over our eyes when it comes to examining our own lives. In order to see yourself, you must wipe the mirror of the mist that has accumulated.

When we are afraid to wipe the mirror clean, we cannot accurately examine ourselves. It doesn't allow us to see clearly. Our vision is obscured and the perception is distorted. Maybe the fear arises from disappointment in your life, or you may not even feel that you are the problem.

I am here to tell you that you are the problem. But, you are also the answer. The mindset begins with you - and always you.

We must realize that in order to make a difference in other peoples lives, it is imperative we have the right mindset and ability to make a difference in our own lives.

God Bless

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why is a healthy mindset relevant?

Why is a healthy mindset relevant?

"I wanted to shoot people because that's what I saw growing up."

I read this quote in the USA Today given by young man from Camden, New Jersey - a city known for its high crime rate. The relevancy of a healthy mindset is directly pointed at such a statement as this because, in many instances, it is a reflection of the mentality of the people who are influenced by their social environment.

I am not saying that every person wants to shoot another person because of the environment they live in, but the effect of a person's environment is crucial to their develpoment. This effect is not limited to impoverished communities, however the affect that it has in such environments is disheartening.

In my book Mindset: Awareness and Action, I mentioned "the deprivation of hope is not only in the communities, schools, and families; but also in the eyes of the people." When there is no hope in the eyes of the people, how are we to expect hope for the future. This is why I spend my time (and encourage people to help in) preaching  the message of developing a healthy mindset.

When children from Camden haven't even been across the bridge to Philly, how are we to expect them to have a broad and healthy outlook on the world? When our youth's heroes are gang members, how are we to decrease the crime rate in violence-ridden communities?

A healthy mindset is relevant because I do not want anybody shooting me because that is what they saw growing up.

God Bless

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When will it cease?

And I quote, "The problem with black people [nowadays] is that they want to continue to harp on the past. They complain about slavery as if it happened to them." I was told to just "get over it." I was told to get over something that I didn't even bring up. I was told to get over something because I corrected and explained to a young man the difference between saying "I will be a servant to you" and "I will be of service to you." I was told to just let the past be the past. But when a mother is inflicted with illness so is her unborn child. So, the illnesses that my foremothers and forefathers endured were all but passed down to me. Things can't just be swept under the rug because the lump of its presence is still visible.

Recently, Tiger Woods was publicly hit with his second "fried chicken" joke of his career and I contended with hearing people say that they didn't see anything wrong with it. But intent is eveything. I read an article about Blacks being suspended more than double the next demographical group. So again race is brought to the forefront. Instead, the focus should be so that no child is suspended and that everyone is receiving an adequate education.

But this is not about me being black and being sensitive to the plights that my people face. Instead, it is about the sensitivity to race in American society and the insensitivity to the experiences, cultures, and uniqueness of different races.

So the question stands, "When will the issue of race cease to be a dominating issue in America?" In many moments, I want to say soon, but realistically it may never occur. As long as we live in a society where we tolerate people instead of embracing people, race will continue to be a thorn in our side . As long as we continue to expect people to forget history instead of understanding their history, there will continue to be a divide.

If history is meant to serve as a learning lesson for future generations, then the past must not be forgotten but understood. The race issue is not about being politically correct in front of cameras and declaring that 'no one sees color" because in real life color is the reason. But instead of hiding from this fact or throwing a cover over the issue, we must first accept the fact that it drives our everyday lives. It is relevant in medicine, but it is taboo in society because it is a difficult and sensitive topic to discuss; but it is only difficult because the conversation comes from a place of guilt and anger instead of compassion and understanding.

Telling me to forget and get over it, is the reason why I won't forget and get over it. It is the reason why I look for understanding because we can't learn from the mistakes that are forgotten. There is no clean slate. However, there is a building process and before the process of getting over something can occur, there must be a concerted effort to build relationships with all ethnic backgrounds. Until then, race will always be a dominating issue in America.

God Bless

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laker Pride

I' ve been rolling with the Lakers since the 80s, from the time I watched my first game on 76th street in South Central Los Angeles to scoping 2013's epic playoff push from 2000 miles away in La Plata, MD. One thing that I know about Lakers' fans is that,though we seem to be a laid back group of people, we are die-hard, passionate, and believing aficionados.

This year, "dem boys" (as I call them) on paper were supposed to be a force to be wreckened with. However, the lineup of  Kobe, Dwight, Paul, Nash, and Peace didn't live up to the hype, from a dismal winless preseason to a seemingly washed down-the drain regular season. This season was drama filled from a chemistry standpoint and from injury proneness. For the finale, one of the game's best, went down and out for the season and "dem boys" were written off to not make the playoffs without their leader.

But Laker pride stepped in. We all stay strong by our team, and "dem boys" stayed strong by themselves. For the first time all year, I really thought to myself that "dem boys" really want to be there. And when you look at it, from the All-Star break they have played 17 over .500 ball.

Yeah, as fans we don't have nothing but our pride vested in the team that we grew up watching, crying, cheering, and fighting over but hey, that's what we all do. But the funny thing is the people who get a thrill Laker hating to fans who at the end of the season go on about their business because they know their hometown team is full of greatness, championships, hall of famers, and prestige to even wear the colors purple and yellow (the colors that people from where I'm from say ;) ). We don't have to put other teams down because it's just ain't no time for that.

But anyway I am proud of my team. I ain't gonna lie. I did a lot of mess talking through the t.v. for all of the BS but in the end, it's because pops got me doing it. Well, anyway, "dem boys" weren't suppose to make it but they did.  Now let's go get em!!! RIP Dr. Bus

GO LAKERS!!!! aka Dem Boys

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The search for reasons, oftentimes, end up with no luck. I try to find meaning and purpose in the things that I do, only to be conflicted by the happenings of the world that is going on around me. Yesterday, three people died (including an eight year old), enjoying an event that is supposed to bring people together to celebrate; yet, cowards used this as an opportunity to destroy lives, community, and peace. Everyday there is a new threat, albeit of a nuclear attack, terrorism, or domestic windfall. Whatever the case may be, it leaves people with a sense of insecurity. Across the globe, there are countries in civic warfare, social upheaval, and financial instability. I even came across a photo of a man, whose head was either bashed in or shot, because of his political affiliation in Venezuela. This all makes me think, what am I fighting for? What am I hoping for? I pray that my dreams of a better world is not no more than a mere fantasy. I do not want to concede that my efforts to change the world will be in vain.

In my search for answers, I find myself taking advice from people who are searching for answers, when the only answer they can give me is "everything happens for a reason." Well, can someone please tell me the reason, because the purpose is waiting. So, then I look up above and I ask my questions realizing that my questions will be answered but my understanding will never comprehend.

So, I concluded that my answer is my conviction, and like Eli (The Book of Eli) I must  stay the course. My search will continue, but my actions will be reinforced by conviction. Well, maybe, I found my reason.

God Bless

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why My Whopper Tasted Bad

A few days ago, I was having one of the biggest cravings for a Whopper. The thought of a charbroiled patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and ketchup, between two slices of bread was all I wanted at that moment. Your thought may be "what is so special about a Whopper?" Nothing actually. But I am confident that everyone has had those moments of craving for a particular taste for something only for that time. Well, that was me.
So, I decided to go to the nearest Burger King anxious to sink my teeth into that burger, as I scarfed down fries and washed it away with a cold cup of Barq's rootbeer.
Well, my excitement to order my Whopper was not matched by the cashier's excitement to take my order. Instead, she proceeded to tell me how upset she was and how she didn't want to be up front because she wanted to stay in the back. She even mentioned telling the boss that she was quitting. The frustration and attitude showed on her face, and the quality of the customer service followed. Opening up to me at such an awkward moment was surprising and all I could muster up to say was "I understand" as I gave her a smile. Then, she proceeded to ask me about the book I was reading and at least for that brief moment I felt as if her day was brightened.
But the mood and atmosphere of the facility was set. When I received my meal, I proceeded to sit down and indulge into my previous craving. However, something was different and the feeling wasn't the same. As I began to eat, I realized that the food didn't taste as I envisioned. Now, the burger was fresh and hot, and the fries were straight out of the fryer but I realized that the taste of my burger was impacted by the aura of the restaurant. I encountered a bad mood, and in return my body and psyche adapted to it. I didn't look at my food the same way, and it definitely didn't have an aroma that was crave-worthy.
I truly believe that if the young lady's attitude was better, I would have truly enjoyed my meal. Instead, I left disappointed - more so from the turned down atmosphere that was presented.
Recognize that when we carry a bad vibe around us, it has a lasting impact on others similar to the stench of Pepe le Pew. When we live in negativity, it brings other people down.  It messes up their Whopper moment.
Lets be mindful of the aura we leave.
God Bless

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Generation Entitled

I feel like an "old head" writing this piece, reminiscent of my parents and grandparents talking about the "good ol' days." We are all familiar, to some extent, about the stories that our elders share with us and the philosophies, personality traits, and actions of their times. Ranging from the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers to Generation X to present, there has been an interest in the characteristics that each has brought to the table throughout history.

Depending on the person categorizing the generations, I could fall into the generations of X, Y, or Millennial. But regardless of the classification, I notice that there is a dynamic shift in the way many people in today's generation think and act. Now, this is where the old soul in me comes out. Though I grew up through times when my parents probably shook their heads saying "there goes the neighborhood," I catch myself peering through the eyes of my elders saying the same thing.

Today, I believe we live in a generation where the concept of respect is lost, accountability is ignored, and responsibility is forgotten. I believe that there is this idea that floats around that anything goes, and that no one should feel obligated to say anything about it. I see people using milestone ages (18, 21) to assert their adulthood through an undisciplined way of thinking. I see children growing up with no sense of direction or urgency.

What I do notice is that we live in generation in which much is wanted but little is earned. I call this generation "Generation Entitled." This has nothing to do socioeconomically, but everything to do mentality wise. Similar to the Lord of the Flies, the same will happen if we allow society to be run by children or allow childlike thinking to run our society. We will end up living in a chaotic environment where it'll end up being too late to fix the problem.

I would rather see a "generation empowered", where people are standing for something more than self. I would rather see a "generation accounted for" where people are taking responsibility not only for their actions but for the progress of their communities. I hope and pray to see a "generation fulfilled" in which people are making the most of the time they are allotted on this earth to serve a specific purpose. But more than anything, I would like to see a "generation rise" where people would stand above all iniquities.

The challenge should be for all of to ask ourselves, "How do we want our generation to be defined?" Then we must take the lead.

God Bless

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Who are you caddying?

On the golf course, we are familiar with the guy who follows the golfer and carries the golf bag. This person is called the caddie. Oftentimes, what people do not see is the caddie giving the golfer pertinent information about the course and facilitating advice about how to approach a shot. Instead, the only association with the caddie is him carrying a bag full of heavy equipment.

Have we thought to ask ourselves, “Who are we caddying?” The benefit of a professional caddie is that he is paid for his services and he and the golfer have a symbiotic relationship on the course. On the other hand, we serve as free caddies for people resulting in being the burden carriers for their lives. We allow people to cast their burdens upon us, leave their luggage on our doorsteps, and empty their baggage at our feet in which we are left to pick it up and carry it for them.

The next time you watch golf check out the golfer. Watch how freely he moves and how briskly he walks, and then watch the caddie and notice him hunched or leaning. That’s what happens to us when we carry other people’s burdens. How can we move and produce freely and effectively when our backs are hunched, our hands are full and our steps are staggering?

But what happens when we have to carry our own bags? It affects us the same. We must continue to practice the notion of “release.” We do not see Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, or Ricky Fowler carrying their bags. They are free to swing.

When we carry burdens, we aren’t free to swing. When we carry burdens, we can’t stand upwards. When we carry burdens, we can’t lift our heads to see the sky; the only view we have is the ground.

Pick people up, don’t pick up their burdens.

God Bless

Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK Celebration

Today, I attended a celebration to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Cobb Civic Center in Marietta, Georgia. It was a wonderful event sponsored by the NAACP - among other sponsors - that highlighted the talents of persons young and old. Witnessing a nine-year-old girl give a powerful recital of one of MLK's speeches, a young teenage boy recite his spoken word "Dream Catcher," and a gentleman give his remake to the O' Jays "Family Reunion" were just a few of many moving performances.

There was a moment where we all stood to sing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and it almost brought tears to my eyes because each verse was highlighted by a moment in history which marked the days of slavery, the civil rights movements, and today's struggles. It had me thinking about the struggles my ancestors endured with the lines "God of our weary years, God of our silent tears," and caused me to reflect on how they still maintained the spirit to lift their voices to sing, to fight, and to move forward.

Then, I thought of my life. Dr. King was not the only one with a dream. All of our ancestors had  dreams. The Harriet Tubmans, the Frederick Douglasses, the Rosa Parks, and everyone else who fought for the progression and freedom of the negro had dreams. Their dreams allowed me to have my stage. Their dreams allowed me to have my voice. Their dreams allowed me to have my dreams to dream for a better tomorrow.

This week, I spent a few days listening to a bit of Dr. King's speeches, and he was the epitome of what it meant to be free when he recited the words "I've seen the Promised Land." He was free. Now, I ask that we become free. Free from bondage. Free from despair. Free from the mental blockades that we have on our lives, in order to fulfill our dreams. "We" have a dream and we "shall be free at last."

God Bless

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why are you running?

One morning, a man rose up from his bed, and routinely slid into his slippers that rested bedside, headed to the bathroom and washed up from a long night's sleep. He went in to the kitchen to make himself a nice hot cup of coffee , like he does every morning, (a cube of sugar and a drop of cream). Still knocking off the rust from 8 hours of rest,  he walks outside where he gets his morning wake up stretch while the sun ricochets off his forehead (sending a warming alarm to his body that is it time to get the day going).

But he notices that something was different this morning. There were no cars commuting on street or children waiting to be picked up for school; everything was as quiet as a ghost town. There was no one in sight, except for a figure in the distance that was quickly approaching.

As the figure approached closer and closer, the man noticed that the figure was a middle aged gentleman running frantickly as if he was fleeing for his dear life. "What could he be running from?" the man thought.

So, the man decided to stop this gentleman and asked him, "What's going on? Where is everyone? What are you running from?" The man noticed that the gentleman, eyes wide, drenched in sweat, and out of breath continued to run in place. The gentleman replied, "I'm not running from anything! Haven't you heard?! I'm running towards greatness! Now, get out of my way before I miss it!" The gentleman gently pushed the man aside and continued to run with even more urgency. In the distance, the man could hear the gentleman yell "Greatness is ahead, what are you waiting for!"

Oftentimes, when we are en route, it is easy to assume that people are running from something, whether it is a job, a relationship, discomfort, etc. But we must stop to think, "What if this person is running towards something great; and if so, what am I waiting for?" There is only a small window of opportunity to achieve greatness, so we must not let it pass us by. Go get it!

God Bless