Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Happened to the Kids?

During a conversation with a good friend of mine, the topic of Christmas came up. We were talking about (and I sound old saying this though I am 29) the good ol' days when we couldn't wait to wake up and tear through the gift wrappings that sat beneath our trees. But even more anxiously, we were waiting for the moment to take our new toys, bikes, footballs, skateboards, etc. for a showing in the neighborhood. I remember the excitement of all the neighborhood kids, showing off their own Christmas joys, and the pride that came with who had the best toys. Most of all, the important part was just being outside.

As we were talking, the question was asked, "What happened to the kids on Christmas?" My friend responded that it was the video games. Nothing against video games, but the point was clearly made. Each year, as Christmas passes, I notice the trend of not seeing many children outside playing with their toys. This is also something I noticed throughout the year.

We live in a society now where technological innovation is succeeding to keep us inside. It is doing a great job in holding our attention, and preventing us from enjoying the world around us.

However, I also believe that what is just as important to recognize is the time that should be spent getting our youth outside, and interacting with the world.

How can we stop this?

First, through recognizing the impact of enclosure; but even more importantly, mental enclosure.
I believe that when a person is confined, the ability to interact is immensely affected such as adapting to societal changes, interacting with people, and communicating effectively.

I also believe in exposure. Exposing kids to different things by getting them outside of the confines of their homes and from in front of the computer or television is beneficial as well.

Most importantly, spending time as an adult outside with them is extremely crucial. Instead of buying inside gifts, purchase outside gifts that require getting some sun, some air and some exercise that encourage bond building.

Christmas doesn't feel the same, and my old neighborhood does not sound the same. I do not hear the sounds and laughter of the children anymore. Hopefully that can change!

God Bless

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Self-reflect Time

Seriously, ask yourself if you are happy with who you are and where you are in life.

Then, seriously act on it!

God Bless