Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interesting link on how movements are started



So the question was posed to me, "What was my definition of self-love?" I gave a very simple answer via text, as "... I see it as feeling free to do [things] and express yourself without reservation." I felt I could have went further in what I meant, so I will. Now understand that I do realize that people may have different ideas and definitions as to what "self-love" is, so in no way am I saying that my response is the clear cut answer. But I do believe in terms of my own ideas my response lacked in its briefness.

Basically, what I meant from my initial response of freedom "to do [things] and express yourself without reservation" is that in loving yourself you have to be comfortable in your own skin. This comfort allows for you to act in confidence, because internally you have this insatiable desire to uplift yourself regardless of what others may feel or what obstacles may be placed before you. Referencing one of my earlier blogs, self-love allows you to demonstrate humility while maintaining an upheld head. So, without belaboring the point, when I think of self-love I think of being able to look at my reflection in the mirror (removing narcissism) and SMILE for who I am.


God Bless

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Technology Divide

I don't have an iPhone, but I have a smartphone. I don't have Facebook, but I have a computer. I don't have an iPod, but I do have a collection of songs on my computer. The point that I am making is that I do have a basic knowledge of what is going on around me in the technological era. However, I am not in synchronization with the trends of every update or upgrade that technology (or by-products of technology) present us with. For me, this could pose as a disadvantage in some aspects, and I do recognize that. I am not anti-technology; for as an engineering major, technology is an entity that I am surrounded by.

The thing that I wanted to point out is that there is a technological divide going on in the world. On the surface level, it can be seen as the haves and have nots. People who are up-to-date on technology versus those who are not. However, the other more important divide is between the people who are aware of the effects of technology versus those who are not.

Advances in the technological era have enthralled the masses with improvements in medicine, transportation, communication, etc., and have made life simpler in many aspects. But little do we know, it is hurting us as well. As things become more convenient, we become more lazy. As information becomes more readily available,we become more inclined to click and paste than to think and research. Better televisions, faster computers, and enhanced graphic video games keep us in the house more. Being guilty of it myself, many of today's extraordinary gadgets divert our attention, whether it is in the car or in the classroom, heading us toward physical ( potentially fatal) and mental danger.

It is my opinion, that for every advancement we make in some areas of technology, we take a step back as a human society. For every enhanced military weapon a country makes, the more dangerous the world becomes. The more entertaining gadgets get, the less interpersonal our relationships with people are. Things are becoming more convenient, but it is catch 22 because though our time frees up, our skill set weakens.

Also, in exchange for the convenience, there is a price to pay. For every self-checkout register or iPhone app to pay for goods, we are signing waivers that say it is ok to not have cashiers. For every online purchase or bill pay we make, we are saying it is ok to not have retail clerks or mail personnel. Basically, what I am saying is that the plan is to keep us distracted from the true "goings on." People are losing jobs, and some of the reason is because technology is getting better, not for the benefit of society, but in order to replace workers. The justification for this will be that there is not enough skilled people for the job. Why? Because of the distraction from the aura of the advancements. The work force is an expensive entity, from wages to healthcare, and to rid companies of that will save and make somebody a lot of money. I had a conversation where it was said that "machines are the perfect slaves," and to our dismay, they are here to replace our "pursuit of happiness" and lead us down the road of unhappiness.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with enjoying the fruits of this era, but I would like us to be cognizant of the effects that such fruits have. I would like to see us utilize the powers of this era for something more than our sheer entertainment. I would like to see our brains not atrophy from disuse because of convenience. All in all, the true technological divide is the divide that this era has on our minds.

God Bless