Monday, August 20, 2012

Difficult to climb, easy to fall

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to climb a mountain but how easy it is to fall? Mountain/rock climbing is one of the most grueling, if not dangerous, hobbies/activities/sports in the world. I hiked up a mountain trail in South Africa and that within itself was a task, so I can only imagine how it is to physically climb. It takes a lot of grit, determination, sweat, and maybe even a few tears to reach the top.  It requires stamina, focus, and a little touch of good fortune. These climbers face many obstacles and setbacks inch-by-inch ranging from inclimate weather to small crevices used to wedge their fingers in for grip. It is an arduous task that they go through to reach the apex of their journey. Who can imagine the muscle fatigue and strain that they must feel? All these obstacles that come against them from nature all the way down to their own weary minds can imagineably seem weight-bearing. Everything becomes an obstacle; and many factors arise that ironically seems placed in the way to prevent them from pushing forward.

But what happens, if someone loses grip and fall? Nothing is there to stop him. Just air, space, and ultimately the ground. See how easy it is to fall, when it takes all the work in the world to climb.

I was reminded today, and am a firm believer that when you are on the cusp of greatness, negativity will always find a way to appear and distract you. It is hard to succeed, but easy to fall. When you are on the top of your game, people aim to bring you back down.

Success fights against gravity, a force that pulls you down. Nothing in life that is worth anything comes easily which is why overcoming struggle feels rewarding.

Remember that what may takes years to build could come crumbling down in a heart beat. So, it is important to make sure that the foundation is solid and steady to be able to withstand the quake.

The mountain is symbolic of greatness, and to meet with greatness requires to go through a little struggle, fatigue, and pain. However, the grip must be strong otherwise there is nothing stopping you from hitting the ground.

God Bless

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why I do what I do...

I always try to find a purpose for why I do the things I do in my life. I understand that I will not live the perfect life, but I will continue to strive to live a purposeful life. In the beginning of my personal mission I state my first objective as determining purpose. What is my purpose for my life? God already has THE ultimate purpose for me, but my purpose is that my works are in accordance to His.

So why do I do what I do?

The reason is that we live in a world where many people can use a helping hand, an open ear, or a word of encouragement. We live in a society where people are hurting emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I believe that if ever I had the opportunity to intercede in someone's life, it should and, hopefully, would be to the benefit of their well being and personal success.

1. Why do I Play? I continue to play baseball because I began to remove myself solely from personal gratification which was less fulfilling. When it was just for me, it became less fun because I carried all of the pressures of trying to get the big contract. So, I lost the drive and almost quit. Then, I saw a little child smile, and noticed the  fans cheers and enjoyment; and hearing them say that they enjoy watching me play, made me realize that it is bigger than me. I was helping to brighten someones day.

2. Why do I write? I write because I have a story to tell. I have a message that if kept inside may prevent someone from receiving a blessing in their own lives. I write to inspire. I write to uplift. I write to empower.

3. Why do I smile? I smile because everyone needs a smile. A simple smile can change somebody's day, week, or life. I smile because it uplifts me, and because it lifts others. I smile because I'd rather not frown.

4. Why do I give? I give because much was given to me. I give because though I like to receive, seeing others benefit from my hand is more fulfilling. I give because what God provides  is not mine to keep.

5. Why the foundation? The foundation exists because hopelessness exists; children in need exists; poverty exists. I founded the foundation, because I want children to develop into leaders, not only in their communities but in their own lives.

In my life, purpose is followed by passion and validated through integrity. Hence, my mission is to determine purpose, pursue passions and demonstrate integrity. This is what makes doing what i do easy and rewarding.

We all should ask ourselves, 'why do we do what we do?' in order to recognize purpose in our lives, and to allow us to remain relevant.

God Bless