Monday, July 1, 2013

The Mindset Starts with You

Next time you take a shower, look in the mirror and determine what you see. You may ask, "What is the meaning of looking into a steam-fogged mirror?" Frankly, there is much more to that clouded mirror than you think. That mirror represents the way we see ourselves.

"But wait a minute! I can't  see myself at all in the foggy mirror."

Voila! The foggy mirror represents us placing the veil over our eyes when it comes to examining our own lives. In order to see yourself, you must wipe the mirror of the mist that has accumulated.

When we are afraid to wipe the mirror clean, we cannot accurately examine ourselves. It doesn't allow us to see clearly. Our vision is obscured and the perception is distorted. Maybe the fear arises from disappointment in your life, or you may not even feel that you are the problem.

I am here to tell you that you are the problem. But, you are also the answer. The mindset begins with you - and always you.

We must realize that in order to make a difference in other peoples lives, it is imperative we have the right mindset and ability to make a difference in our own lives.

God Bless