Thursday, April 18, 2013

Laker Pride

I' ve been rolling with the Lakers since the 80s, from the time I watched my first game on 76th street in South Central Los Angeles to scoping 2013's epic playoff push from 2000 miles away in La Plata, MD. One thing that I know about Lakers' fans is that,though we seem to be a laid back group of people, we are die-hard, passionate, and believing aficionados.

This year, "dem boys" (as I call them) on paper were supposed to be a force to be wreckened with. However, the lineup of  Kobe, Dwight, Paul, Nash, and Peace didn't live up to the hype, from a dismal winless preseason to a seemingly washed down-the drain regular season. This season was drama filled from a chemistry standpoint and from injury proneness. For the finale, one of the game's best, went down and out for the season and "dem boys" were written off to not make the playoffs without their leader.

But Laker pride stepped in. We all stay strong by our team, and "dem boys" stayed strong by themselves. For the first time all year, I really thought to myself that "dem boys" really want to be there. And when you look at it, from the All-Star break they have played 17 over .500 ball.

Yeah, as fans we don't have nothing but our pride vested in the team that we grew up watching, crying, cheering, and fighting over but hey, that's what we all do. But the funny thing is the people who get a thrill Laker hating to fans who at the end of the season go on about their business because they know their hometown team is full of greatness, championships, hall of famers, and prestige to even wear the colors purple and yellow (the colors that people from where I'm from say ;) ). We don't have to put other teams down because it's just ain't no time for that.

But anyway I am proud of my team. I ain't gonna lie. I did a lot of mess talking through the t.v. for all of the BS but in the end, it's because pops got me doing it. Well, anyway, "dem boys" weren't suppose to make it but they did.  Now let's go get em!!! RIP Dr. Bus

GO LAKERS!!!! aka Dem Boys

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The search for reasons, oftentimes, end up with no luck. I try to find meaning and purpose in the things that I do, only to be conflicted by the happenings of the world that is going on around me. Yesterday, three people died (including an eight year old), enjoying an event that is supposed to bring people together to celebrate; yet, cowards used this as an opportunity to destroy lives, community, and peace. Everyday there is a new threat, albeit of a nuclear attack, terrorism, or domestic windfall. Whatever the case may be, it leaves people with a sense of insecurity. Across the globe, there are countries in civic warfare, social upheaval, and financial instability. I even came across a photo of a man, whose head was either bashed in or shot, because of his political affiliation in Venezuela. This all makes me think, what am I fighting for? What am I hoping for? I pray that my dreams of a better world is not no more than a mere fantasy. I do not want to concede that my efforts to change the world will be in vain.

In my search for answers, I find myself taking advice from people who are searching for answers, when the only answer they can give me is "everything happens for a reason." Well, can someone please tell me the reason, because the purpose is waiting. So, then I look up above and I ask my questions realizing that my questions will be answered but my understanding will never comprehend.

So, I concluded that my answer is my conviction, and like Eli (The Book of Eli) I must  stay the course. My search will continue, but my actions will be reinforced by conviction. Well, maybe, I found my reason.

God Bless