Monday, March 5, 2012

How Can We Dream When We Fear Nightmares?

How can we dream when we fear nightmares? How are we supposed to dream when we are afraid to sleep? In other words, how are we collectively to dream big when we fear the unknown to the point where it paralyzes us?

Avoiding the nightmare instead of facing the nightmare, most assuredly insures that the nightmare will become reality.

Michael Jordan always wanted the ball in the waning seconds when it mattered. The nightmare was him missing the shot and his team losing, but I would assume that he also figured that him not having the ball would result in an ensuing loss as well. Thus, he faced his nightmare to prevent a nightmare. Sometimes, it came true and sometimes it didn't, but he realized that at the end it was just a fear, and that regardless of the result, he had another day to dream again.

At the end of day, we must realize that nightmares are a figment of our imagination, and when we allow ourselves to sleep we give ourselves the ability to dream. When we dream, we encounter nightmares along the way, but one way to overcome them is by facing them.

Let us not let our nightmares inhibit our ability to dream...

God Bless

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If the Seas Could Talk -By Brian Barton

If the seas could talk

What would they say?

That they’ve seen the world throughout

And crashed the beaches of every continent,

Or that they’ve encountered the greatest of sailors,

Discoverers, merchants, and pirates of the sorts,

Would they speak of the grand treasures they possess?

Vastly more than the chests that has been sunken in its depths

If the seas could talk

What would they say?

Surely, they would speak of the many life forms they’ve seen

That dwells the land, swims the depths,

And that soars in the breeze

Would it speak of its wrath or its serenity?

From relaxation on the beach

To those lost at sea

If the seas could talk

What would they say?

Would they boast of their peaks and valleys

That would assuredly bring Mt. Everest and the Grand Canyon


Maybe, it would tell us the story of the lands and how it

 Sculpted the contours of it’s essence

If the seas could talk

What would they say?

Would they mention parted waters or

Flooded cities?

Or would they speak of Neptune the ruler of the 7 seas?

Would it speak of its waves rising to the moon

Like outstretched arms raised to the Almighty?

Maybe the seas are talking

But we are just not listening

From every crashing wave

To the voices of hollow shells

The seas are speaking

From the blinding reflection of the sun

To the glistening light of the moon

A story is being told

Even those worshipping waves,

Out stretched to the heavens

May be warning us

If the seas the could talk

What would they say?