Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Interesting link on how movements are started



  1. Very interesting clip. The "first follower" and the "leader" having nearly equal roles in starting a movement is something I hadn't thought of before now. But it is so true. The same courage and conviction it takes to start a movement is the same courage and conviction it takes to believe in that movement enough to fall in line...even when no one else is looking ("first follower").

  2. Yep, people wait til it gets comfortable. That is what separates the wealthy from others, sometimes. By the time they get comfortable, its already saturated. I watched that clip several time when I first saw it.

    God Bless

  3. Very consistent in many aspects of life.

  4. Umm had to watch it 3 times because I laughed through the first 2. "Without the first follower, the leader is a lone nut." totally agree with that statement. It's highly likely I'll be repeating the leader, 1st follower, & 2nd follower dances the next time I go out to a party b/c they were awesome!

    I also liked that he said that the first follower shows the others how to fall in line...nice.

    I also watched this one too