Thursday, February 21, 2013

Generation Entitled

I feel like an "old head" writing this piece, reminiscent of my parents and grandparents talking about the "good ol' days." We are all familiar, to some extent, about the stories that our elders share with us and the philosophies, personality traits, and actions of their times. Ranging from the Silent Generation to Baby Boomers to Generation X to present, there has been an interest in the characteristics that each has brought to the table throughout history.

Depending on the person categorizing the generations, I could fall into the generations of X, Y, or Millennial. But regardless of the classification, I notice that there is a dynamic shift in the way many people in today's generation think and act. Now, this is where the old soul in me comes out. Though I grew up through times when my parents probably shook their heads saying "there goes the neighborhood," I catch myself peering through the eyes of my elders saying the same thing.

Today, I believe we live in a generation where the concept of respect is lost, accountability is ignored, and responsibility is forgotten. I believe that there is this idea that floats around that anything goes, and that no one should feel obligated to say anything about it. I see people using milestone ages (18, 21) to assert their adulthood through an undisciplined way of thinking. I see children growing up with no sense of direction or urgency.

What I do notice is that we live in generation in which much is wanted but little is earned. I call this generation "Generation Entitled." This has nothing to do socioeconomically, but everything to do mentality wise. Similar to the Lord of the Flies, the same will happen if we allow society to be run by children or allow childlike thinking to run our society. We will end up living in a chaotic environment where it'll end up being too late to fix the problem.

I would rather see a "generation empowered", where people are standing for something more than self. I would rather see a "generation accounted for" where people are taking responsibility not only for their actions but for the progress of their communities. I hope and pray to see a "generation fulfilled" in which people are making the most of the time they are allotted on this earth to serve a specific purpose. But more than anything, I would like to see a "generation rise" where people would stand above all iniquities.

The challenge should be for all of to ask ourselves, "How do we want our generation to be defined?" Then we must take the lead.

God Bless

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