Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why are you running?

One morning, a man rose up from his bed, and routinely slid into his slippers that rested bedside, headed to the bathroom and washed up from a long night's sleep. He went in to the kitchen to make himself a nice hot cup of coffee , like he does every morning, (a cube of sugar and a drop of cream). Still knocking off the rust from 8 hours of rest,  he walks outside where he gets his morning wake up stretch while the sun ricochets off his forehead (sending a warming alarm to his body that is it time to get the day going).

But he notices that something was different this morning. There were no cars commuting on street or children waiting to be picked up for school; everything was as quiet as a ghost town. There was no one in sight, except for a figure in the distance that was quickly approaching.

As the figure approached closer and closer, the man noticed that the figure was a middle aged gentleman running frantickly as if he was fleeing for his dear life. "What could he be running from?" the man thought.

So, the man decided to stop this gentleman and asked him, "What's going on? Where is everyone? What are you running from?" The man noticed that the gentleman, eyes wide, drenched in sweat, and out of breath continued to run in place. The gentleman replied, "I'm not running from anything! Haven't you heard?! I'm running towards greatness! Now, get out of my way before I miss it!" The gentleman gently pushed the man aside and continued to run with even more urgency. In the distance, the man could hear the gentleman yell "Greatness is ahead, what are you waiting for!"

Oftentimes, when we are en route, it is easy to assume that people are running from something, whether it is a job, a relationship, discomfort, etc. But we must stop to think, "What if this person is running towards something great; and if so, what am I waiting for?" There is only a small window of opportunity to achieve greatness, so we must not let it pass us by. Go get it!

God Bless

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  1. I love the paradigm shift! Many times we are just existing in our daily routines and need a "poke" (Facebook pun intended) to change our perspective -- whether it's prioritizing our life goal or the rate in which we are pursuing that goal. To quote Mary Mary, "Go Get It...Go Get Your Blessing"! It is time! Thank you Brian for this timely reminder!