Monday, August 12, 2013

Height is Revealing

As I was sitting around, thinking about my fear of heights and all of the things that I try to do to overcome it, I asked myself, "Why do people fear heights?" The obvious answers of "falling" and "death"came to mind. Then I began to think to myself that it all makes sense because whether it is physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, or spiritually, people do not like to or  want to fall. The thought of it is frigthening.

Afterwards, I thought about my first time on an airplane, my first skydive attempt and my hike in the Andes mountains of Peru, and I remember how nervous I was being so high up. But there was another thing I noticed. I saw that at such high altitudes, I was able to see everything. I was able to view things farther than I ever imagined. Everything was so beautiful. My thoughts took me back to the man who successfully skydived from the stratosphere, and I marveled at the view that he had of Earth. It was absolutely amazing!!! (Sometimes our fear of heights causes us to miss out on things).

Then, I took my thought one step further. Maybe, just maybe, people are afraid of heights because it is revealing. The very fact that it reveals the vastness of his or her surroundings is intimidating. It can make one feel insignificant. But it also can make one feel vulnerable and that is where it hit me.

Maybe a person is afraid of reaching certain heights in his or her life because it reveals things about their respective lives. Height exposes you to things about yourself because it separates you from the confusion and allows you to see your life from a different vantage point. It gives you a "birds eye" view  of your life and confronts you with the complexities of your life if you are not where you need to be. It shows where you are at and where you need to be.

Being at a high point in life can be intimidating, because it feels more comfortable on the ground opposed to the instability on top. You don't have to see farther than you need to or, better yet, want to. Many succesful people falter because though they aspire to be on top, it is  naturally more comfortable to settle at the bottom. So, they act recklessly to bring themselves back to their state of comfort.

But there is beauty that is revealed when you reach the high limits of life. All it takes is for you to:
  • push yourself to ascend to the top
  • confront your fears, setbacks and disappointments
  • take action to change your life
Aim to get a better view so that you can see "all" the possibilities that are to be revealed. Set your goals high to allow your VISION to see farther. Dont view height as "exposing to weaknesses" but as "exposure to greatness."

God Bless

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