Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Harnessing that Energy

How many of you are people watchers? I can admit (as many can) that I enjoy sitting back and watching, listening, and paying attention to people. Sometimes, you catch people in their innocent, natural states; and other times, you may observe someone putting on an act. But if you pay careful attention, you will understand that there is a lot to be learned about people; or maybe even yourself and life. You can understand why people are where they are in life or why you may not be succeeding in your own life.

If you pay attention to the people around you, will notice that there is a lot of time and energy being wasted. As matter of fact, on average we waste more of our time being unproductive than productive. We spend more time worrying about what other people are doing, than doing the things that we need to do.

Imagine where we would be if we used the time to rant and release our frustrations on FB as an opportunity to channel that energy into something productive, creative, or beneficial. Where would we be if we harnessed the energy that is wasted worrying about why other people are successful, and in turn spend it on taking steps to experience our on successes. Where would be in life if, instead of marveling at other people's talents, we used that time and energy to perfect our own crafts and hone in our own skills.

When we waste our energy on things that do not deserve our energy, we drain ourselves and are stuck with a dead battery.

I know how I feel when I waste energy on things that are not worthy of it. And when energy is wasted it is gone along with the time and opportunity that accompany it.

Harness that energy and use it for something good. You will definitely see the difference in your life.

God Bless

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  1. D, Amen! It is amazing how much energy we waste on things that really do not matter. Imagine if we focused or "Harnessed" our energy to positively impact the lives of people around us, we would not only make a difference in our lives, but we may create a chain reaction that could possibly change the futures of many (none or unknown to us).