Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don't Leave it in Someone Else's Hands

I was watching the Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley fight last night and was pretty surprised by the outcome of the fight. It seemed that throughout the fight Pacquiao was in complete control yet when the decision was rendered it came to favor Bradley. This may go down as one of the most controversial decisions in boxing history and the consequences of such a decision could not only have damaged any chance of a possible blockbuster match between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather but could have also left a irreparable scar on a sport already riddled by accusations of corruption.

Though the decision is arguable, Pacquiao had several opportunities where he could have taken the fight into his own hands and ended it. He had Bradley hurt and on the verge being knocked down (and possibly knocked out) on a few occassions but was unable to capitalize on the opportunities. Instead, the fight ended up being left in the hands of the judges who happened to see a totally different fight.

I bring this fight up to say that in life it is imperative to begin to start taking matters in our own hands in terms of certain outcomes we want to achieve. Too many times do we choose to leave the well-being of our lives, and our successes, in the hands of other people to determine. When we hand over our lives to other people, we sometimes lose the authority to direct the lives that we want to lead. We miss out on opportunities because we are waiting on someone else to propell us to the next level, and sometimes when that doesn't happen we are left disappointed.

Going back to a previous blog entry, I will reiterate that our circumstances may have some effect on our position in life but ultimately it is the choices we make that have the final say. If Pacquiao would've knocked him out the judges wouldn't have mattered. When we take life into our own hands sometimes it doesn't matter what the other person's actions are and our dependency level on them diminishes.

It is time to take over our money problems, our career setbacks, our relationship worries, our spiritual deficiencies, etc. It is time to say, "Hey, I am not leaving this one to the judge's scorecard."

God Bless


  1. I think taking control means understanding the 'why' & addressing it. Financially...why can't spending money be controlled better is it because spending is a source of validation? In relationships...Do I settle for the familiar because I am afraid of the unknown? Am I in love with the idea of the person or the truth who that person is? Careerwise...If I had to choose what is it I want more the fulfilling career or the money and why? With my income are all my eggs in one basket? how can I change that? Spiritually...Am I afraid of fully committing myself to God? Am I basing my relationship with God on what I can get out of it and if so why?

    I want to build success out of every trial & tribulation that means asking myself the questions I don't like to answer.

    I doubt Paccio has any regrets because regardless of what the judges decided everyone knows he won. I don't think he's sweating it, he knows the game. What the judges did may actually benefit him in the long run only b/c EVERYONE is talking about him now. And the obvious corruption is now in the spotlight.

  2. I doubt he is tripping either but I know that if I couldve just handled certain things myself then I would feel better about whatever happens, but if I left it to somebody else and it didnt happen, i would be like 'dang.' Im still waiting on some things to get done right now that I dont have no hand in right now and it frustrating me

  3. I totally understand. I guess that's where faith comes in, faith that God is working things out and that anything we're concerned about is in His hands.

    God Bless & Have a Great Summer