Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A stone is not just a stone (turn it over)

Have you ever seen a stone that has just been sitting in a place for some time, undisturbed? Did you ever decide that one day you will turn the stone over and discover what lies beneath it? What did you find? I know as a child I would turn over many stones, logs, etc, that seemed to be implanted in to the soil. What I discovered was amazing. Upon lifting the stone from the earth, I noticed that there was a whole other world beneath it. I saw different species of bugs scattering in search of protection from the sun and moreso, myself or any other potential predator. I saw the roots of grass criss-crossing the surface like Los Angeles' freeways. I noticed a sustained moisture, and a seemingly rich in nutrients soil that emcompassed the "little world," all while wondering how the weight of the stone didn't crush it. It was its own little ecosystem, rich with sustenance, and abundant with life.

If you ever had this experience, remember how interesting it was to know that there was something more to the stone than just an object in a stagnant state. There was vibrance. In life, we leave many stones unturned. Life is filled with many opportunities, that if recognized and taken advantage of can potentially leave us in a vibrant, flourishing state.

More importantly, we must recognize the abundance in our own lives. We must realize that under the stone we are filled with excellence, greatness, and fruitfulness. We can also see that same potential in others as well. Beneath the surface there are gems. In darkness there is light. We have the right environmental necessities inside to fulfill greatness if we nourish them and allow them to work symbiotically.

In others, a stone is more than a stone. In ourselves, a stone is more than a stone. Though dormant, a stone is filled with life.

God Bless

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