Thursday, May 31, 2012

Outsourcing our Lives

In America, one of the biggest issues that we've  faced in terms of job losses and creation over the years (if not couple of decades), has been the simple fact that  many of America's jobs have been shipped overseas, or outsourced. Whether liked or not, it is a part of business.

Oftentimes, we put our daily lives and routines in the hands of many outside factors. We continue to relegate the power we have within to other entities, thus losing the power to fully take control of our  own lives. In turn, we are outsourcing ourselves to many social, financial, moral, and  physical elements or barriers that prevents us from being who and what we want ourselves to be. This can be a depressing fact to consider because in many instances it brings us to realization that we are like puppets on a string. We lose control of our movements, and like a ventriloquist with a dummy doll, we lose control of our words.

The point I want to make is that we can't own ourselves if we keep outsourcing ourselves. We can't take control of our lives, if we keep giving our lives away. This blog was prompted by an article I read about Tiger Woods  for GOLF Magazine, and here is an excerpt, "By outsourcing his swing so readily -- he’s done it three times as a pro, five times overall, or six if you count the late Earl Woods as a coach -- Woods may be getting further away from owning his swing, not closer to it." I am not going to comment on Woods' swing because he has done more in golf than I would ever do (lol, I have many glitches in my swing if you wanna call it that). However, the meaning that I do get from that line is that the more you keep giving yourself away (outsourcing yourself to others), the further away you are from owning yourself.

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