Sunday, May 13, 2012


Opportunity exists in the open space.  So, why are we continuing to fight for scraps in a congested and convoluted area. Riches aren't made in markets that are diluted. The gems are in the spaces of unknown  places. In the masses, there is no where to move or no where to look. In open areas, there is freedom to explore and discover. Understand why leaders are leaders. They are leaders because they stand alone. They do not occupy crowded arenas.

Comfort keeps people in occupied places. However, it takes a bit of vulnerability to extract change. It may take a little bit of uneasiness to make things happen. It may take finding a need to be met that separates you from needs being met.

Note that wherever ever you see failure there is opportunity for success.  Wherever there is wrong there is opportunity to make right. Wherever there is nothing there is opportunity for something. Follow the problems and discover the grand possibilities for success.

Let's not be claustrophic in our thoughts. Like an elevator that is crowded, open the door to our minds and recognize that the less traveled route is the least discovered.

Take advantage of your opportunities when they exist. Study the precedents of events and recognize what happens when you are too late. You miss out! 

God Bless


  1. Complacency (or comfort) can be crippling. It is far easier to blend in with the "comfortable" crowd than to stand alone. A decision to take the road least traveled requires courage, vision and (most importantly) faith.

    Though a decision to proceed down the unpopular path is met with countless hurdles... the path of least resistance will never be truly satisfying. It seems to always leave you wanting more.

    The question becomes - how much can you handle and how uncomfortable are you willing to be?

    I am reevaluating this daily and am taking steps necessary to allow my thoughts some breathing room. Though there is certainly discomfort, each step seems more fulfilling than the last.

    Opportunity requires that one have the ability to recognize it and the faith to act...

    1. Great question, how much are you willing to handle? I believe everyone should pose that question to themselves. It's like the Gatorade commercial "Is it in you?" It is said an opportunity is not an opportunity if it is not acted upon. Recognition and act, the perfect combo!

      God Blesss

    2. I think it is imperative that every leader have their moment of apprenticeship. I think in order to be effective, a leader must have the experience of being in the masses to some degree, ultimately become dissatisfied by it, and by thus they choose the road less traveled.

      I will also say that having my first real experience in corporate America, right now, I am learning that competition (ie fighting for scraps, a spot, a position, a salary, etc.) does yield positive results. It forces you to be confident, think on your toes, have vision, develop strategy, learn how to read people, communicate effectively and be efficient.

      I have learned to be confident regardless of how I am perceived. However there does come a point, where I'm like ok am I going to continue to work for a boss? be a boss for a company? or be my own boss? Sort of like those 'Choose your own adventure' books I used to read back in the day. And then at that point it's basically the exact question Kim posed in her comment...

      I agree that opportunity does exist in open spaces which I think of as creative thought, but it takes a tremendous amount of courage & dedication & sacrifice...

  2. People will go through their moments of grind, and they will face times where they will be in direct competition with others. There will continue to be times where people will learn from others and will have to garner experiences. But the question then becomes posed, how long will I continue in the rat race, just to get to a piece of the cheese that everyone else has their hands in when I can change course to the cheese that no one else is not paying attention to? It is not to say nothing good comes from fighting for scraps, or assimilating in the masses, but would you want to go swimming in a pool that is at maximum capacity. There would be no room to backstroke. Prime example, think about what happens on Thanksgiving when everyone shops at one store at the last minute. They end up fighting for scraps, and we all know how frustrating that can be. Opportunity is all around but if you dwell in diluted markets, you get diluted results.