Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Full Circle

From community factions came action. The action produced reaction. The reaction breeded satisfaction. Satisfaction became the distraction. The distraction brought about inaction. Inaction then returned us to the original problem therefore losing traction.

Once upon a time, our communities were filled with leaders and activists who were afflicted with the facts of life causing them to break into different factions, or form groups, for change. They confronted these problems through their actions that produced a community reaction which resulted in change. Their recognition for change sparked revolutions and produced results. People responded; progress ensued. Somewhere down the line satisfaction crept in, and put us on our heels instead of the balls of our feet. Momentum was lost. Satisfaction was the distraction. It took the urgency away, kidnapping the need for continuous revival. In all, the distraction caused a full swing revolution (full circle) which in turn countered the revolution (the movement), meaning that our inaction resulting from the distraction that blossomed from satisfaction, is reversing the effects of the reaction, which is taking for granted and lessening the meaning  of the action and returning us back to the same ol' (though in different times) problems that confronted the original factions.

Let's take back our communities. Let us regain the momentum for change. Let us re-lift our spirits. We must ask ourselves an  important question of "what can and must I do for my community?" Our communities are our nations. We must continue the dream and progress of our ancestors, and become powerful predecessors. We need to change our mentality, and begin to compete in the world that we lag behind in.

God Bless

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  1. I agree with your blog. A problem that I often think about is how communities can overcome the pervasive culture of violence, when so many people want to stand up and fight for change in their communities but are fearful of the reprocussions for speaking up and standing up for what's right. For example in Chicago there have already been over 300 murders this year. Many witnesses are scared to come forward and testify, and rightfully so because the police lack the resources to protect them from the reprocussions of being labeled a 'Snitch.' Furthermore, drugs and violence have robbed so many communities of would-be leaders or adults for that matter. In some cities like Camden, NJ (one of the most violent cities in America) the average age is 19-21. Those older are either dead or in jail. Kids grow up believing drugs & violence are a way of life & there are literally no adults around to teach them the end of the day many people are just too scared of loosing their lives to go in these areas and try to help. And the adults who are not fearful and do want to help often are locked up. The issue of the lack of economic opportunities, especially for African-Americans has been pervasive throughout our history here in America its the same game just a different name decade after decade. Often I wonder if banding for change is enough to make things actually change...I guess at least it's a start...