Friday, September 9, 2011


I envision a world where people are able to freely live their lives with no boundaries- free of poverty, hunger, racism, and religious persecution. Most passionately, I envision (and pray) that people develop a free and strong mindset. What's so deep in my heart, expresses itself through the channels of my mind, in hopes that the passion and effort flows freely to those who aspire to the same things. I want to reach our youth and help them unleash their thoughts and dreams to allow them to grow and manifest. I want to see people experience the revelation of freedom in their lives, and the beauty that life has to bring them by opening their eyes and minds to new possibilities. The state of society and, more personally, my communities troubles me. If I have to be the example, I want to be it. I aim to plant seeds, not to force hands. I plan to work, not just talk.

God Bless

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