Monday, October 1, 2012

No fan of Propaganda

I am not a big fan of propaganda, period. Yet, we are bombarded with it everyday single day; and in the wake of this years presidential elections it is more evident than it has possibly ever been with the advent of social media and other sources that channels such information to us. I personally believe that the objective is to make zombies out of the people, and the brainwashing (better yet lobotomy) seems to work, because oftentimes we choose sides without having a true understanding of what we truly stand for, let alone our candidates.

I listen to all the conservative and liberal mumbo jumbo and can honestly conclude that many Americans stand in the middle. In some cases, conservatives can very much be confused as liberal, and liberals can be seen as being conservative. Sometimes, it is just a matter of what team you grew up rooting for.

Anyways, October 3, 2012, marks the first time the President and the Republican presidential nominee will appear on the stage together where we can get a direct comparison for what each other stands for. For some, it may be hard to be objective however there will be an opportunity for many to see who and what they are voting for.

These debates is not about rooting for sides. It about you. It about how your future and your children's future will be impacted. We are the accountable ones, because we are the ones who make the choice. So be informed.

Ultimately, I am for the people. I am for our actions. It all begins with us. A vote is not just a vote. It is not just a choice of candidacy; it is a choice of action. It is us saying that this is my first step to make a difference in not only my life, but the life of others. However, it doesn't stop with the vote. It continues with the feet to keep marching on. It continues with the voice to keep speaking up. It continues with the hands to keep reaching out. Propaganda can't do this because it cuts off half of you, it gives you one side (pun intended).

And please do not forget to vote!!!! If anything it is you saying that you are willing to take action.

God Bless

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