Monday, November 28, 2011

Dismissed Information

Preparing to watch the GOP Presidential debates, I just happened to mention to someone what my plans were and the reply was "it doesn't matter, I'm voting for whoever the Democrat is." This response does not come as a shock for it is the answer many people may give whether outwardly or internally, in regards to political, religious, or many other social concerns. Many times, if ideas do not fall in line with our personal sidings, we develop the tendency to dismiss further intel and understanding in to a matter. To counter the earlier quote, a friend responded, "it should matter  because what if your guy doesn't win? You will need to know what your president stands for?"

That rebuttal leads to the important message that I wanted to extract which is that it is more advantageous to be informed than ill-informed, whether you agree or not with the people or issue at hand. The mentality  that 'if it does not apply to me it is not worth listening to' damages a lot of interpersonal relationships between people, closes many doors of opportunity for people, and also prevents people from expanding themselves mentally.

The true battle is between ourselves and our mindset. It's between the information we attain and don't attain. It's between what we deem important and unimportant.

God Bless

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