Friday, August 12, 2011

Incorporate it into Your Life

How many times have we wondered as to why certain things have not manifested in our lives? I pose this as a serious question, that I had to ask myself as well. Let us think about the times that we have been to worship, attended a wealth building seminar, or received some well-needed wisdom. In those moments of time, we were filled with a boost of energy and excitement that had us ready to take on the world. So, as we look back, we noticed that same energy and excitement turned out to be a dud. Now, the why must be answered. The easiest thing to do is excuse ourselves of fault and point out all of the reasons why things didnt happen. However, whether it is the lack of motivation, lack of understanding, or just the lack of.... the reason, I believe,  that things do not manifest in our lives is that we fail to incorporate these ideas into our lives. Excuses or not, such inaction is a root cause to our disadvantages. We take ideas and feel good about them (sort of a pick me up), but are not confident enough to practice them. People get ahead because they use their gifts, they act on their ideas, and they do not let wisdom sit on the shelf.

Again, I ask "How many times?" Many. Why? Inaction. If you have a skill, use it. If you feel motivated or energized, release it. If you receive wisdom, practice it. It follows the "practice what you preach" adage; by incorporating life's nuggets into our lives, we will begin to see actualization and growth in those questions we asked.

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  1. true. i'm learning that personal responsibility & accountability are the key to growth, in every situation when things didn't go the way i wanted them to, i can look back and see where improvements could have been made...guess the key is to actually make these adjustments the next time around