Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Often times, when people think of vision, it is defined as such as being a dream. So when we hear people say follow your dreams, we do just that- up until the time it is to "awaken". The problem that arises is that, for many, dreams are closely associated with fantasies, so in many instances we are encouraged to wake up and get back in tune with the "real world". Therefore, our 'dreamcloud' dissipates and along goes our aspiration, inspiration, and determination. In order to shift from fantasy to reality, we must be encouraged to work, to be diligent, and to be persevering towards our dreams. In the "real world," we are taught to work but we remain stagnant because we are unsure of what we are working towards. We lose sight of our own vision and become overly consumed with other people's visions that we are too willing to adopt.
I view vision as peering through a looking glass where the fortunes of the future are revealed. I see it as a seed that is ready to be planted and fertilized enabling it grow into an entity of endless possibilities. 
Personally, I envision a world where the masses are able to break free from the mental grip that are clamped around such minds. However, I do understand that it is a grand task to have such a vision for the world, so I start in my own communities. I start with encouraging the young boy or girl who aspires to be great. I start with patronizing the local small business owner that becomes the link to business expansion in downtrodden neighborhoods. I start with ways to reach schools that will allow them to operate on level playing fields. I believe you can promote vision by giving people hope to envision. Only then will I feel my vision will be achieved. It will be achieved exponentially. Not just one hand doing all the work but many doing there own work in their own way to achieve a common goal. I choose to use the Law of Exponents.
I encourage you to carry out your vision and make it reality! Link yourself with those in line with your vision because there is strength in numbers. God Bless.


  1. It's nice to hear that you do so much for your community. You can't change the world but you can change the people around you. If you make them better you will love your life. Just don't stray too far from what's right in front of you and god bless.

  2. Thanks for the advice. I definitely will focus on what's in front of me. I have been able to realize that the most important change I can inflict begins with the people around me, first and foremost. It is important to not lose focus.